Belle Bonita Photography

Photography is easier and more ubiquitous than ever before and thanks to advances in technology taking pictures is more affordable and accessible too. Photography is a powerful art that we all engage in for various reasons--whether to document an event, a reaction, a place, or things that interest us. Photography can build understanding when words cannot. A picture can help us to communicate without a common language and photographs can convey and evoke the unseen--like emotions and memories. I am April Ferrino, founder and owner of Belle Bonita Photography.

I enjoy photography because it captures a moment in time that I will never have again. It is documentation that I was here and participated in events, activities, and the stories captured in the photographs. On this site, you will see photographs I have taken of landscapes, nature, candid personals, and antique cars. Most photographs on this site and more are available for purchase and licensing.

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